Sydney Film Festival Cockatoo Island

,My False (Matt Corby, Cockatoo Island Film Festival 2012),Matt Corby closes with a jaw-dropping performance of “My False” at the outdoor Thunderbolt Concert Arena for Sydney’s Cockatoo Island Film Festival, 27 Oct 2012.
And dat loop pedal, HOMG.

6 thoughts on “Sydney Film Festival Cockatoo Island

  1. NathFilms


  2. rayner64

    Been waiting for someone to put that up, It was so epic!

  3. tiannabreezyy

    YESSSSSS! you have the whole ending!

  4. tltlish

    How good was he?! I thought he was going to explode at the end!

  5. shaunaaaerin

    I honestly just watch this over and over. Best night of my life, so glad I
    went! They all put on such a good show

  6. Bec Parsons

    That was FanFreakinTastic..

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