Sydney Film Festival 2012 Recommendations

,Maori Boy Genius – Sydney Film Festival 2012,”Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them”. This line from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night resonates through the documentary Maori Boy Genius, about a young man being groomed for leadership. Director Pietra Brettkelly, camera in hand, shadowed Ngaa Rauuira Pumanawawhiti during his sixteenth year. Both of them talk about the experience.

The 2012 Sydney Film Festival runs from the 6th to 17th of June. Tickets are on sale now at

11 thoughts on “Sydney Film Festival 2012 Recommendations

  1. helloimbooh

    @0:25 – @0:27 cute smile ­čśë

  2. Mani Featheredman

    So genius people go to Yale? lol..Lets have a small game shall we..Lets
    just create a list of people who did not go into higher education, or were
    influenced by higher education, or had very little experience with higher
    education. Most grassroots movement leaders yes go into Law…but lets make
    a list shall we – I say just about every famous sculptor in history didn’t
    go to Yale, so lets skip those genius types. How about Musicians,
    Producers, Directors, Editors, Composers, two words.Bill Gates

  3. Mani Featheredman

    Lets talk about For-Profit education!!!!!

  4. TerReoParts

    Have you seen the doc?

  5. TerReoParts

    Have you seen the film?

  6. ldsteine


  7. Paul Vincent

    Do agree with you Mani but it still looks like a beautiful Kiwi/Maori
    movie. Cant wait to see it on DVD. Just too expensive to go to the movies
    at present!

  8. Te Ihiroa Oranga Whenua

    That’s my oldest brother on there and to those who only think, only
    “Geniuses” go to Yale! He hates it, because its so wrong in many ways. You
    don’t have to be a genius to go to any university right ? or am I wrong.. ?
    The main director of this film actually came up with Maori Boy “Genius”
    which we really didn’t want to have that as the tittle of his documentary,
    “In his words, he believes everyone are geniuses” so please don’t hate it
    wasn’t his idea for bringing up that tittle name.

  9. Yvonne Rako

    So proud of te maoris´╗┐

  10. fusionxx1000

    The next Apirima Ngata,then PM of Aotearoa! I hope he kicks out those
    racist white supremists rednecks out of Lovely Aotearoa´╗┐

  11. Te Hone Rapata

    that is the most typical thought all maori will always consider themselves
    to be. Its being equal to one another.
    We are taught whakapapa as soon as we learn our language. All maori will
    always ask where are you from before they ask what is your name is. No whea
    koe ? No Rotorua au. This maori is thinking Te Arawa. this is the
    compassion of all maori people . They will tell you everything about
    themselves from your first request No whea koe. Are they being humble. Yes
    in a way but you have to be careful. What they have done is open themselves
    up to you. If you don’t reply back in the same manner then they know you
    are talking with your fists closed. So they have determined that you only
    need to know so much from that point on wards. You are ranked straight away
    in introduction.
    Ko wai koe
    Who are you
    mehemea e haere mai koe he hoa pai haere mai If
    you have come as a friend welcome,( with open arms)
    Engari mehemea e haere mai koe he hoa riri Ka Patu But if
    you have come as an enemy beware (closed fist)

    When we do open up to one another, we just go hard because we are reciting
    our geneology connecting each other back to our ancestors We will never
    inherit the intelligence of the pakeha. We will learn their ways. Educate
    ourselves as equal as them. But we will always acknowledge our maori side
    The pakeha in all his growing up been given the best education that’s
    expected of them. They have the tendency to look down at people. If you
    don’t have the same IQ as them then that means you don’t know anything.
    Even some of our own do that to. In all their wisdom, they will date you
    back to their pre ancestors The apes.´╗┐

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