Sydney Concerts

25 thoughts on “Sydney Concerts

  1. warsimant chislain


  2. junior santana


  3. Nick Wells

    If this 1999 concert ever gets released onto DVD, I sure as hell am going
    to buy it. That way, I can find out what the list of songs played in this
    show was shown in order instead of what was shown on what is now ABC

  4. Bety Robles
  5. Bety Robles
  6. Debbie Halpern

    Love the Bee Gees solid and since 1968 started with I started a joke still
    loved him

  7. joel tolentino arteaga

    where´s stayin alive?

  8. Valérie MARC

    The very greatest forever !!!

  9. vinicius GODOI

    seria muito trabalho colocar as sequencias das musicas na sequencia pra mim
    pfv ??
    Quero muito baixar as musicas mas não sei os nomes :/
    VALEU !!

  10. m,lourdes hugl.

    amo esses tres,são lendas,especialmente Robin Gibb.

  11. Dani Deitch

    This weeks music is dedicated to a very special person. Shabbat Shalom all

  12. Nilo Aguiar

    Estou fazendo 52 anos e curto Bee Gees a 50 anos. Inesquecíveis!!!!

  13. Reenie Rossi

    A lot of the shots look like Alan is really riding Barry! LOL

  14. Ricardo Portal Bello


  15. jason palmer

    Lipsynched and horrid when they aren’t. Should’ve stopped long ago.

  16. jason palmer

    Lipsynched and horrid when they aren’t. Should’ve stopped long ago.

  17. singmeluv

    Why didn’t Robin get to sing at least one complete song…he is the best
    but he only had a few bits. Barry is good but fair is fair. Robin is loved
    by so many. i waited throughout this concert and my time was wasted. This
    is the last time I will watch this particular video. 

  18. Moira Drosdovech


  19. freestanding1000

    How is it possible that these three bothers (and of course Andy) could
    sound so much alike and in perfect unison but the next breath have three
    utterly distinctive voices amongst themselves? Unbelievable and simply the
    best of all time!

  20. jameshope1199

    who’s the lug behind Barry… like fuk off

  21. wolfe hound

    Australia Who Loves ah Baby >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> America !!!!

  22. Jona rodriguez

    i started a joke..?

  23. ElephantDrunk

    I’ve seen a million bands and have never seen anything stranger than that
    guy playing a guitar behind Barry. LOL

  24. Linda Talbert

    BEST band, ever. So sad that 3 out of 4 are gone, much too soon. 

  25. Armando Monteiro

    “Bee Gees” – Live From Sydney, Australia 1999 (Complete Concert)

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