Sydney Street Photography

25 thoughts on “Sydney Street Photography

  1. krisisareyou

    how do you not get hit

  2. Beloved Lover

    I try to not be racist or anything but cmon! HE IS ASIAN! Sure everyone
    believes he knows Kung-Fu! 😉 One way to avoid getting beaten is to go gym
    and build just ridiculously big muscles, no one will say nothing to you!
    …or just be nice and talk yourself out of the situation if someone is
    bothered that you’re taking photos, explain what you’re doing etc…

  3. sportbilen

    Whats your point? Showing that iPad2 takes pictures of poor quality or that
    you don´t have any manners?

  4. lamatheapple

    Its easier to be creepy when you are asian 🙂

  5. M43Format

    Nujabes <3

  6. Brandon Feinberg

    It’s not that creepy with the right intentions and attitudes. I like to
    just enjoy life and the people around me.

  7. Kenny Mitchell

    anyone else love the nujabes playing in the background ?

  8. Eric Kim Photography

    Haha yes- thanks and glad you enjoyed it! And the video was just for fun 😉

  9. Eric Kim Photography

    True story

  10. Eric Kim Photography


  11. Eric Kim Photography

    Haven’t been punched in the face … yet 😉

  12. Produitscoreens KIM

    Wow. So basically you will fight someone and use violence because…a dude
    took a picture. How amazing. People are frankly becoming more and more
    despairing. I’m so sqd to hqve born in such generation where people
    response to their social environment is just violence. Henri Cartier
    Bresson was documenting mondain and the beauty of our world. It’s not
    surprising that in today’s Bruce Gilden can only doncument the ugliest, the
    worse and the most animal from us…cuz it’s the only thing he can see

  13. kon94rad

    really really nice video Eric!

  14. Kevin van den

    Cool. Seems like fun! With what camera has this been filmed?

  15. Augustus Columbano

    Background music? Horizon by Nujabes, from his album Modal Soul. LOL I’m so
    proud. Anyways, Eric, have you tried the streets of the Philippines?

  16. kazim mir

    lol same here

  17. Richard Ashley

    Nujabes = miss

  18. bwc1976

    One of your most fun videos yet! It looks kind of goofy holding out the
    iPad in front of you like that, but it seems to work surprisingly well, I
    wish my phone camera responded as quickly as that. If I had an iPad I’d be
    too afraid of dropping it!

  19. Eyevan trejo


  20. khmer pryde

    Hey bro it’s just my curiosity did you have any problem taking pictures of
    people in public? You seems so confident walking up to people. Question
    from fan in Montreal

  21. carlitadee

    There’s nothing I don’t love about you, Eric.

  22. TheEiriktan

    you shoulder ever get numb from walking so much carrying the huge bag?

  23. timothée Barrus
  24. Kevin Abao

    Cool city view mate at Sydney

  25. Meshwork123

    Easy to do I guess when you’ve got a camera person with you, when you’re
    not on your own.

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